Creation of a Working Papers section

Dear readers,

For those researchers who wish to publish without delay an original article (more developed than a short contribution), blogdroiteuropeen launches a new « Working Papers » section. If you are interested in this publication format, please submit your text to us at

Your proposal will be looked into and proofread. Suggestions for improvement may be made before the work is accepted. The author commits to giving blogdroiteuropeen exclusive rights in the text until it is published on Afterwards, the text may be published elsewhere, mentioning (in the suggested citation mode) that it was originally published as a Working Papers on blogdroiteuropen.

  • The Working Paper may be written in French or English
  • It must include a summary both in French and in English ( the translation of the summary into French or English may be done by the team of blogdroiteuropeen)
  • Ideally, footnotes would include hyperlinks so as to facilitate access to the cited works
  • Working Papers shoud be open to, and encourage, comments
  • Along with the Working Paper, a photo of the author (with his/her title and function) and a short biography should be submitted. These will be uploaded on the contributor’s page once the publication is validated

The Working Papers may cover:

  • any area of EU Law
  • the impact of the European Law on domestic law

We launched this section with  Nicolas Ligneul: The legal challenges of the Translantic negotiations. Selected issues

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