E-debate on Open Access – Issues and stakes for legal academics. Call for contributions on the situation in Europe and beyond

Article 30 of the French draft law on the « digital Republic » allows researchers who have published their work to make the publication available for free after a one-year period (provided the research was half funded by public money).

In light of this development, blogdroiteuropeen is launching its first e-debate for the academic year 2016-17. The e-debate will focus on the issues and stakes of open access publishing for legal academics. It will consist in a collective and participatory reflection, starting with an overview of the situation in other jurisdictions (EU and non-EU). In a subsequent post we will give more details on how the debate will be conducted.

For now, at blogdroiteuropeen we are looking for contributors who could inform us on the legal framework and the practical aspects around Open Access in their countries.

The posts can be about:

  • An analysis of the current and future legal framework for open access publishing in your country
  • Ongoing debates about the implementation of this framework
  • Testimonies on experiences of creating or managing open access journals
  • Examples of best practices by researchers
  • Example of one university or law faculty’s specific approach to Open Access
  • Opinions on what would be the best type of Open Access
  • Reports on books, conferences, seminars on Open Access

We would like to publish a first series of posts during the international Open Access week from 24 to 30 October 2016.

The deadline to submits posts for the international week is the morning of October 19. Other posts may then be published later and until June 2017. 

Formal requirements for the posts:

  • They can be in French or in English
  • Those in French should entail a summary in English
  • Those in English should entail a summary in French
  • The use of hyperlinks is preferrable to that of footnotes
  • The ideal length is of approximately 1000 words
  • The posts should encourage comments

Any question, suggestion or post can be sent to: blogdroiteuropeen@gmail.com






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