Launch of our e-conference on the right to be forgotten in Europe and beyond at 12:30 pm

On the third anniversary of Google Spain Blogdroiteuropéen wishes to take stock of the current situation and assess the impact of this famous judgment which is often said to have consecrated a right to be forgotten. Many of you have responded to our call for contributions for this first e-conference and we are very thankful. Your enthousiasm confirms the interest and expectations concerning this topic, which raises many legal, technical, economic and ethical issues.

At the moment there are no detailed empirical reports that would allow to assess the impact of Google Spain in the Member States and beyond. The purpose of this e-conference will be to provide our readers with a glance at how the judgment is being implemented in a few European countries, as well as an overview of the debates and discussions in non-EU States on the relevance of acknowledging a similar right in their own legal systems.

The programme of our e-conference consists of three parts:

  • First part: The domestic implementation of Google Spain 

  • Second part: A few substantive aspects of the right to be forgotten in Europe 

The contributions will deal with the relation between the right to be forgotten and the freedom of expression; the right to be forgotten in the French ‘Règlement Général de la protection des Données (RGPD)’; and the right to be forgotten applied to health-related data.

  • Third part: The right to be forgotten, beyond the EU

This last part takes us beyond EU borders and, by looking at other legal systems, highlights the specificity of the EU approach. It also suggests possibilities for different responses to the current need of developing a digital identity in our modern society.

This e-conference has been organised under the scientific supervision of Olivia Tambou, Associate Professor (Maître de conférences) at University Paris-Dauphine, with the participation of Maryline Boizard, Associate Professor (Maître de conférences HdR) at University Rennes , Cristina Pauner, profesor Titular de la Universidad Jaume I, Nathalie de Grove-Valderon, Associate professor (Maître de Conférences HdR) at the University Toulouse capitol. The section on Latin America has been coordinated by Juan Gustavo Corvalán, Professor at the Faculty of Law of Buenos Aires.

Our e-conference will begin on Monday, May 15. Starting from this date we will publish a contribution every day at 12:30 p.m. French Time. These contributions will consist either in blog posts (about 1000 words) or  working papers. Depending on the authors, they will be either in French with a summary in English, or in English with a summary in French.

We hope that these contributions will foster a stimulating debate and we encourage you to use the comment function in order to share your remarks and questions. Should some of you wish to react in a more developed manner, do not hesitate to contact us to suggest a post.

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