Legal Challenges towards a European Open Search Engine, call for paper OSSYM 2020 deadline 6 July

12-14 October the 2nd international Open Search Symposium (OSSYM 2020) will be hosted by CERN in Geneva or via Web. This event aims at analysing the societal, scientific and technical aspects of a European open and distributed internet search. Next to all computing and algorithmic challenges, legal aspects of setting up such an infrastructure in and for Europe will be of major concern Therefore, the Open Search Foundation is calling for contributions on Legal Challenges towards a European Open Search Engine for the OSSYM 2020. (Abstracts (1page) and full papers (4-6 pages)

Key legal questions to be addressed in the context could be: Competition law, data security/cybersecurity law, General Data Protection Regulation, ePrivacy Regulation, national vs. European law, International Private law, EU copyright legislation, liability, traceability of intellectual property rights and ownership by individuals, organizations and SME’s/corporates, data governance issues as well as the fairness of digital platform and more globally fundamental rights issues including freedom of expression and protection against hate speech, and interaction with future rules on European digital single market etc.

Background of the Open Search Foundation initiative

Current internet search, and thus today’s’ access to information and knowledge is happening in a quasi-monopolistic way in Europe. There are some alternative and meta-search engines, however, 90-95% of all Internet search is currently done via one single search engine from overseas.  To start preparing the ground for alternative, open and cooperative internet search in and for Europe, the Open Search Foundation has begun to form an interdisciplinary European community, involving scientists, computing centres, communication, ethical and legal experts, librarian and Digital Humanities . This community looks at developing concepts and ideas for an alternative internet search approach compatible with European culture, economy, languages, ethics and jurisdiction. For more details see the white paper of OSF “Towards a free and open Internet Search in and for Europe” For our society and a prospering digital economy in Europe »

For any suggestions and further ideas for OSSYM 2020 please contact

See also the website of the CERN for the submission modalities.

Important Dates

Deadline for submissions of abstracts/papers: 6 July 2020
Information of acceptance of contribution: 5 August 2020
Symposium registration: opening 16 July 2020, closing 28 September 2020 (or when maximum number of participants is exceeded)
Open Search Symposium at CERN, Geneva, or via Web: 12 – 14 October 2020
Online publication of proceedings: (Extended abstracts/full Papers) during winter 2020/2021

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