Call for project for a doctoral position in European Comparative Law and Data science, Deadline 1rst June

Multidisciplinary PhD: Law and Data science 

Location: Paris-Dauphine University, France 

Supervisors/Contacts: Dr Elsa Negre, MCF HdR, LAMSADE ( and Dr Olivia Tambou, MCF HdR, Cr2D (

Keywords: Comparative law, (Context-aware) Recommender systems, COVID-19. 

Question: Can we imagine a context-aware recommender system as a support for comparative law? Illustrations around the management of the Covid-19 pandemic in some European States.    

The aim of this doctoral research project would be to devise a context-aware recommender system based on the analysis of the way in which some European countries have managed the Covid-19 health crisis. The starting point would therefore be to develop a comparative law database on the management of this crisis that could feed a context-aware recommender system.  

A recommender system, like comparative law can be based on a contextual analysis that can help stakeholders find relevant information to improve their decision-making. It is therefore an automated aid to decision-making that remains the responsibility of the stakeholder.  

Such a project is based on the paradigm that a recommender system involves extracting information from a mass of data and creating knowledge. However, comparative law analysis is based above all on knowledge of the legal culture of the States. It will therefore be necessary to see to what extent a context-aware recommender system could support comparative law analyzes.  

Publications by supervisors related to the project:  

  • Olivia Tambou and Alexia Pato: COVID-19 Vaccination and Data Protection Issues: A European Comparative Study with Focuses on France, Germany, Belgium, and Switzerland, Working paper 3/2021, Max Planck Institue Luxembourg  
  • Yseult Marique and Olivia Tambou, Data Protection Issues in times of Covid-19: comparative perspectives from Europe and Beyond, Privacy in Germany, November 2020 p. 234-242 
  • Olivia Tambou, Manuel de droit européen de la protection des données à caractère personnel, Larcier, 2020. 
  • Arru, M., Negre, E., and Rosenthal-Sabroux, C. To Alert or Not to Alert? That Is the Question. 52nd Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS), 2019.  
  • Elsa Negre. Recommender Systems – Introduction. Livre – WILEY, 2016. 
  • Elsa Negre. Towards a Knowledge (Experience)-Based Recommender System for Crisis Management. 3PGCIC 2013: 713-718 

Applications: Interested candidates are invited to send:  

  • a 2-pages project according to their understanding of the problem,  
  • a CV,  
  • their transcripts (Master 1 and 2) with rankings (Master 2 also, possibly partial), and  
  • 2 recommendation letters,  

as soon as possible, before June 01, 2021

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