Call for Proposals – European Security and Defense Policy’s Actuality, deadline submission 2 January 2018

2017 is undoubtedly a milestone for the European defence thanks to the establishment of the Military Planning and Conduct Capability (MPCC), the launch of the European Defence Fund and the current discussions on the establishment of the permanent structured cooperation. In its recent speech at the Sorbonne the French President Emmanuel Macron reminded us that the defense’s objective « must be the autonomous capacity of Europe, complementing NATO », which requires a « common strategic culture » and « profound changes » in the culture of Member States. New concrete proposals are on the table.

Blogdroiteuropeen wishes to put the spotlight on the impact of these developments on European Union law.

Several academics have already agreed to participate in this project. We already have confirmed contributors but we would like to invite anyone interested in participating in such a project – jurist, economist or politist – to send us your proposals (a post or a Paper, in French or in English)!

The deadline for submitting your contribution is January 2nd 2018. Contributions are to be sent to Selected contributions will be published on the blog from January 10th 2018.

There are no imposed topics. Here are suggestions: defense procurement, the role of the European Defense Agency, NATO-EU cooperation; the place of military personnel within the EU institutions; CSDP operations, the mutual defense clause, the role of the European Commission / European Parliament in defense matters, the Franco-German couple and the CSDP, the legalization of the CSDP.

The scientific coordination of this call for proposals is ensured by Elise Daniel, Doctor of Law of the University Paris 1, member of the team Blogdroiteuropéen.

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