The Danish Adaptation of the GDPR, by Tenna Overby

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After several months of work, the Danish Ministry of Justice finally presented the draft of the new Danish Data Protection Act, which after three readings in Parliament was adopted with a majority on 17 May 2018. No members of Parliament voted against it. It entered into force on 25 May 2018 and replaced the existing Act on Processing of Personal Data and adapt the GDPR… to Read more donwload the paper


I- Introduction

II- Legal Framework before the GDPR

III- The Data Protection Act Project and the Main Content

IV- Material Scope and Geographical Scope

V- Uses of Opening Clauses

a) Extension of public authorities’ right to process person data

b) Restrictions of data subject rights

c) Processing for scientific research purposes

d) Minors’ consent in relation to information society services

IV- Other Key provisions

a) Data Protection Officer

b) Independent Supervisory Authorities

c) Penalties

Tenna Overby is Head of Section, POLITI, Danish National Police, Police Directorate, Data Protection Unit

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Don’t miss tomorrow the contribution The GDPR Implementation Act in the Netherlands, par Paul Breibarth,

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